My Story

Hi! My name is Kim and this is my story…

Senior Year

I grew up in Northern California as an only child with my parents. I wasn’t a chubby kid until I hit Jr. High. I started 7th grade in a size 14 pant and weighed around 160 pounds and was about 5′ 4″. I didn’t exercise and running a lap around the track was pure torture. In high school, I was a cheerleader for 3 years, but struggled with my weight. A lot of my friends were obsessed with what they ate while I binged on Pop Tarts (with butter), sugary cereal (with added sugar), graham crackers w/ frosting, cookie dough, candy and soda.  I battled raging acne and greasy hair/skin.

Freshman Year of College

My parents worked a lot, so I had to do a lot of my snacks. My mom was overweight and struggled enormously. In 2004, she passed away from cancer. The doctor said if her stress level hadn’t been so high, she might have lived. This really struck me how much of an impact our stress plays on our bodies. You can read more about it here.

We always had candy, cookies, pasta, sandwiches and Mac N Cheese in the house. It was food like this which led to me being really heavy and overweight. I didn’t even realize it until I was starting high school!

Freshman Year

I went into college close to 170 pounds and continuing my junk food habits. Our cafeteria at the time didn’t offer any healthy choices- not that I would’ve taken advantage of them if they did. So, I continued to balloon eating dessert at every meal, pancakes, pizza and my favorite- peanut butter out the jar!

In 2004, I decided to run the 5k (3.2 miles) in the Shamrock Run. The night before, I tried to run around the block and failed miserably! I sat on the curb and cried. However, the next day, I made it in 37 minutes!! This surprised me so much that I signed up the next year too!

Shamrock Run 2005

My struggle with food continued. Then, in 2005, I got a job at Costco pushing carts and boxing groceries. I found that I was really strong! This was really a turning point for me. After about 3 months of working there and running in the evenings, I found that I had hip bones!!! This inspired me to continue running. I felt exhilarated by the changes I was seeing in my body and decided to start paying attention to what I was eating.

In 2007, I went through a really hard break up and turned to exercise to medicate my broken heart. I started a 3 month sugar fast and joined 24 Hour Fitness where I got a trainer and took classes at 5am!! I lost a ton of weight and got down to a scary 130 pounds.

This was not a healthy way to change my life and I knew it. Extremes are not sustainable and at my pace, I was headed for injury or even worse.

Unhealthy 2007

In 2009, things really started to change for me. I started getting healthy the right way and looking for good foods to fuel my running and my workouts. I continued running (I now have 6 5k’s, 2 8k’s, a 10k, a half marathon and Hood To Coast under my belt!). I also got married to the man of my dreams, which helped to motivate me even more!!

Mr & Mrs Tim Ludeman!

In August of ’09, I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and landed a job at Cascade Athletic Clubs in Gresham. I became a Certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor as well as being an ADAPT trainer, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Silver and Fit Instructor and Group Ride Instructor! I  also recently became an ISSA Nutritional Specialist which is helping me launch my nutritional consulting business, Healthy Foods To You!

1 Year Anniversary in Mexico

My passions have expanded from running to hiking (I would love to become a sponsored hiker someday!), cycling on my road bike, swimming laps and doing Crossfit. If it’s adventurous and challenging, I want to do it!! I have also really changed my eating habits. I subscribe to Clean Eating Magazine as well as many blogs online that have awesome recipes (Oh She Glows is my FAVORITE!!!) . I love to bake and come up with yummy recipes that help fuel my body and keep me healthy. I have recently gone Paleo which has rocked my world!

So, that is pretty much it in a nutshell so far!!  Thank you so much for taking time to read My Story and feel free to comment and share yours!!

Yours in Health and Wellness,


17 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hey Kim,

    I love your story. It is very inspiring to me! We need more people in the world like you:)

  2. You are honestly so amazing and inspiring! Reading this just brought tears to my eyes as I think of your journey…. xoxo

  3. Hi Kim,
    I’m so glad you sent me the link to your website. I am truly blessed to have you as my trainer. I love that you have shared your story and even though I am WAY older than you, it brings me hope. I would love to have the knowledge you have about eating right. Keep sharing. You have lots to offer.

  4. I loved reading your story! I’m still in high school but I’m determined to be healthy/stay healthy as I go into college next year… so I really like hearing other peoples experiences. Hiking is one of my favorite things in the world to do! ❤

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