To say that I love hiking would be a dramatic understatement.

Here’s some pictures of hikes I have done. Enjoy!

Ruckle Ridge Trail

Multnomah Falls/Larch Mountain

Silver Falls

Aldrich Butte (Scary bones!!!)

Hiking from Cannon Beach to Astoria

Dog Mountain

Starvation Ridge Trail

Nesmith Point (W/ Heather)

Table Mountain

Mt. Defiance (The highest point in the Gorge- 5,255 Feet!)

South Sister (I’m in the purple tank top and jeans- I know, what was I thinking!!!)

The scariest part of hike I have ever done (South Sister, 2008)

Hamilton Mountain

Larch Mountain

Mt.  Defiance

Table Mtn

Eagle Creek

South Sister

Mt. Defiance (3.5), Starvation Creek Trail (2.5), Ruckle Ridge (3), Larch Mountain(2.5), La Tourelle Falls, Wahkeena Falls(2), Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls South Sister (2), Angel’s Rest (10+), Devil’s Rest (4), Table Mountain (2.5), Hamilton Mountain (2), Dog Mountain (9), Eagle Creek(2), Pacific Crest Trail, Bridal Veil, Punchbowl Falls,Fairy Falls, Triple Falls,Hardy Ridge, Aldrich Butte, Nesmith Point and Gillette Lake.

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