Healthy Foods To You

Do you hate grocery shopping?? Do you get bored buying the same old things? Do you want to lose weight and feel great?? Let me help!

Healthy Foods to You seeks to teach and educate food eaters on the how to’s of grocery shopping. Things like:

-What do I buy “Organic”?

-What brands are best? Does it matter?

-What should I focus my budget on?

-How do I select produce?

-How can I save money and still eat well??

-How do I make healthy eating a lifestyle change and not an overnight attempt?

-Where do I start? What do I need?

-How do I make slow, gradual changes?

-What recipes do I need to keep things fresh and fun?

-How do I eat for my body type?

-How do I lose weight eating what I want??

Healthy Foods to You will answer these questions and so many more! All you need to do is create a shopping list, email it and get ready to be wowed! I also do in home assessments for total food makeovers, in store shopping and home delivery, organizing recycling and compost set up and more!

For more information jump on over to Healthy Foods To You and take a look around! If you have more specific questions, feel free to contact me below!


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