My Moral Dilemma and Peet’s Coffee

I’m supposed to be working on HFTY at Peet’s this afternoon, but as I sneakily people watch, I have been inspired to share the following:

In 2008, I was working at Pregnancy Resource Center in Tigard as the Assistant Director.

My roommate Anj came for lunch

However, due to lowering donations and a stinky economy, the center had to be closed. Having no savings, I was panicked to find another job to pay my rent. My friend Kristen worked at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Lake Oswego part time and said she would put a good word in with the manager, Patty. Two weeks later, I was sporting a brown apron and learning about Darjeeling Fancy and what makes Ethiopian blends different from Sumatra.

The LO Crew

I learned a lot about myself in that year. It showed me how much my passion was for fitness and health. We saw a lot of the same people who would come in daily and order all sorts of pastries and sugary drinks. I was guilty of it too! I would eat scones, muffins, cookies, bars and drink anything with sugar. Luckily, I was still eating healthy outside of my shifts, so I didn’t balloon up like I could have.

It was so exciting to get out of retail (sort of) and get my feet wet at an actual gym. 2 years have passed since my first day and I can’t believe how far I have come!! I can’t stress to you how much I understand things like sugar addictions, carb cravings, fat splurges, being disgusted looking in the mirror, working out with little or no results, dealing with muffin top- I have been there!! I know how it feels!! I have worked hard and spent a million hours researching scientific journals, comparing magazine articles, reading hundreds of books and studying like a mad woman trying to learn about all the different ways for people to lose weight and feel great.

2 years later

It’s been a long journey and will continue to be. I share all this with you so that you know that you can do it too! If I can, anyone can! It may not be easy and you will probably have to deal with some deeper issues underneath those food or exercise addictions, but it is sooo worth it!

If you’re ready to get started or get serious about your journey, email me and let me help you! Trust me, it’s worth all the blood (rare), sweat (constant) and tears (hopefully of joy).

My heart goes out to all of you, whether you are struggling or you feel like things are finally coming together.




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