Tim and Kim- Our Story

This weekend is Multnomah University’s All School Retreat at Wildhorse Canyon in Antelope, Oregon. I had the chance to go twice as a student and once last summer with Tim.

Last year at Wildhorse

This year, I have to work (my last day at Fishers Landing, actually!) and so I am missing out on all the fun. I thought I would take the opportunity to tell our story since I am thinking of him tonight…

In 2007, the Lord brought me back to Multnomah to finish my degree in Biblical studies and Psychology. I had tried to go to two other schools, but my credits wouldn’t transfer. I saw it as a frustrating circumstance, but God had other plans :0)

1st Day of School 9/07

One of my classes that fall was Career Development with Bonnie Kopp. In this class, we were to complete the IDAK career tests. We had two school counselors that came into class every now and then to help us with our tests. If you have ever done the IDAK test, you understand that it can be a long process.

Kerrin and I a few days before

My friend Kerrin (who had been my mentor since 2005) was one counselor and this tall bald guy named Tim was the other. We were assigned meetings with them to go over our test results. I wanted to meet with Kerrin, but I ended up with Tim.

I accidentally forgot about our appointment and had to reschedule. After meeting with him, I felt like there was a connection. I started visiting Kerrin more and more and hanging out with Christy, who was the Student Services office manager. It was then that I would “bump” into Tim and get to talk to him. This went on for about a month or so before Kerrin cornered me and told me that if I ever wanted anything to happen with Tim that I was going to have to start it.

If you have ever been to Bible college you understand that women are to be pursued. We do NOT pursue the men- they seek you out and you wait patiently for God to bring them to you. Well….this didn’t work into my plan very well because Tim was staff and I was a student. He would never cross that ethical line (I saw no issue with it, of course). So, I consulted with some of my male friends to see if that came across as desperate. I got a resounding “Go for it!” from the boys. So, I thought about it long and hard (about a week) and decided to go for it.

So, I calmly walked to Christy’s desk and asked her if Tim was in his office. She smiled, having been privy to my plan, and said I should go back. My feet froze to the ground. She laughed and called his office and told him to come out. (Traitor!). He came out and called me back. It was now or never!

I walked into his office and stood between the couch and door, ready to make a quick escape should things go poorly (us girls always dream up the worst case scenario, by the way). I told him that I wasn’t coming back to school next semester (to which he asked why not) and I said because of money- which was totally legit I’ll have you know! He said that was too bad. Then, with clammy sweating palms, I said that if he ever wanted to get coffee sometime that I would be totally interested.


He sat back in his chair and smiled. It was a long pause before he said, “Wow,  ok, can I have your number?” I wrote it on a big yellow piece of paper (which we still have) and gave it to him. We chatted for a few minutes and then I fled out of his office into my friend Amber’s office to hide under her desk. She said my face was a red as a tomato…perfect.

My friends Amber and Sarah on the fateful day

It took Tim an entire WEEK to call me. I was thinking he was just flattering me by offering to call. Then, he called! We set up a date for December 11th at Monti’s Cafe (which turned out to be closed).

Pre-Date Outfit

We ended up at Bipartisan, a little coffee shop close to campus. I was super nervous at first, but quickly felt at ease and really comfortable with Tim. We talked for four hours!! I was wired on coffee and endorphins. He waited yet another WEEK before calling me again, asking to hang out. That was the longest week of my life!! I kept polling my Costco customers about how long they wait to call back  for a second date. 2 days was the average wait time, fyi.

We had about four dates before we decided to make it official.


Month 1- Three Hopeful Words- I Like You

Month 5- Three magic words- I Love You

Month 12- Four enchanting words- Will You Marry Me?

Month 15- Two lasting words- I do!

A lot has happened in the last 4 years. We bought a home, I changed careers, we lost Tim’s Grandma and Cousin, counseling, working….It has not been an easy road but one that I would never change. I am so very grateful that God knew what He was doing and brought me back to where I started to find the one I would walk with for the rest of my life. I love you Tim!

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