Starbucks Bistro Box

Sometimes breakfast can be a real ordeal for me. Without the ease of oatmeal, the convenience of toast or quickness of cereal, I am often left with limited choices. Sometimes I do omelets, almond pancakes or meat, but this morning I was feeling uninspired.

So, on my way to work, I stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a Protein Bistro Box. I had little hope for this spendy ($4.95) little guy, but with no other options, I braved it out. And was I surprised!

Inside my little breakfast box were the following:

Red grapes

Sliced apples

2 slices of white cheddar

hard boiled egg

a packet of Justins Peanut Butter

and a Muesli roll

I tossed the roll aside, but the ingredients weren’t too shabby.

The peanut butter is one of the brands sold at Whole Foods and I know from experience, is very delicious! I am saving it for snack time :0)

The fruit was good when I paired the cheese with the apples (I know, I fudged on the no dairy).

All in all, this is a good option for those who are looking for something healthy on the go. The whole shebang was only 380 calories (mine ended up being under 200 since I ditched the roll and egg yolk and saved the peanut butter). I am a little curious about their other Bistro options….maybe this means I will use my Treat Receipt today after all!

If you’re looking for some lighter drink options, try the following:

Instead of a tall latte (140 cals)…americano with steamed milk (50-90 cals)

Instead of iced tall latte(120)….iced coffee with nonfat milk/soy (50)

Instead of a tall regular frapp(180)….coffee ligt frappuccino (90)

Instead of a tall chai latte (185)….chai tea bags with steamed milk (90)

Have a great day!


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