Josh Groban Concert

I remember the very first time I heard Josh Groban. Christmas 1997, my Aunt Jamie gave me his self titled cd. I asked who he was and she said, just listen!! Since then, I have been hooked! So when my friend Abbey asked me if I wanted to go to his concert, I immediately agreed! I waited for weeks and weeks until the day finally arrived.

We took the Max (Portland’s railcar system) down to the Rose Garden (home of the Portland TrailBlazers) and joined the masses waiting in line. We met Abby’s Mom, Dad and Aunt for the concert.

We found our seats in section 223 directly in front of the stage! We were so excited! Slightly bummed that we wouldn’t be able to see him that closely, but still pumped. Here’s how far we were from the stage….

So, we were sitting listening to the opening act when we were asked if we wanted to move over to the next section for a better view. We declined since it wouldn’t be that much closer. Not 5 minutes later, one of the stage crew came and sat next to me and asked if we wanted to move closer. “How much closer?” I asked. “How about up there” he says, pointing directly next to the stage on the left side. “Shut up!?” I exclaimed. “Shut up!” He replied and presented us with our new tickets!

We anxiously followed him all the way around the Rose Garden down to our new seats, 20 feet from the stage!!

We were soooooooooooo excited!! We could not stop giggling!

He opened with Straight To You playing piano from the middle of the floor.

After a couple of songs, he made his way to the main stage where we watched in awe as he sang out some of his most amazing songs from Illuminations. Here’s some shots we were able to capture…

The percussionist and strings were incredible!!

I was able to get a couple of clips, one which you can watch here!!

After hours of oogling, screaming, clapping and giggling, the show was over. While we were waiting for the crowd to thin out, the male violinist came and stood right in front of us! I complimented him on his performance and he introduced himself. His name was Christian (ps, he’s rather dreamy….swoon!) and he was super friendly!

After that we floated to the Max and went home to our hubbys, Tim and Tim, who were left in charge of baby-sitting Abby and Tim’s two boys. They were both completely asleep when we got back, lol.

Thank you, Josh, for inspiring a city last night!

Your loyal fan and Grobanite,


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