What Do You Love To Do?

I had a great conversation with my friend Monica yesterday about the word love. In Greek, there are at least 4 different words used to describe different kinds of love. We only have one, “love”. We love everything from food to people. It makes me think about other words we use to describe happiness with something .Words like “like”, “love”, “passion”, “desire” and so on.

What are your passions? What is it that you do that you LOVE?

For me, I love learning new things. I never thought of myself as much of a student, but I love to learn! Especially when it comes to he human body- I am fascinated!! Recently, I learned how to do a snatch. A snatch is an olympic lifting move that is done with a barbel. You go from a slight squat, lift the bar, shrug your shoulders, hop under the bar and flip your elbows out with a lot of intensity. Who knew such a move could be so challenging yet so rewarding??

I also learned recently that soy is a legume! I’m not sure why I didn’t know this already (since most beans fall into this category) but it blew my mind to learn it (as silly as that sounds).

I am constantly learning new things because I love to learn. It is my passion. I get excited to share with others that which I have learned.

What do you love to do? Do you have a hobby that fills you up? Do you have a place you go that makes your heart feel full?

What are you passionate about??

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About Trainer Kim

I love my God, husband, friends, family and sometimes my cat. My passion is challenge and my goal is to constantly exceed my expectations. I love to hike, bike, swim, run, jump and do Crossfit. I am usually in the kitchen baking or cooking something healthy and (hopefully) delicious! I love fitness and nutrition and strive to help people change their lives by training their bodies!

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