The Great Fitness Experiment

One of the things I love about Tim is how much he reads. When we first were dating, it drove me bonkers!!! I have picture after picture of him sitting and reading.

 Since I have the attention span of a hummingbird, this drove me crazy! 2 years later, it has rubbed off on me and I can now not only appreciate his love of literature, but I can read usually 5 pages at a time before needing a movement break! Go me!

Tim loves the library. I’m fairly certain he could live there. But, this tends to work out for my benefit because more often than not he comes home with a book for me. Some books have been good like Fitness for Dummies and Vegan Table. Others, like Idiots Guide to Self Massage, not so much. However, his latest find for me has been great!

The Great Fitness is experiment is written by Charlotte Hilton Anderson. It chronicles her journey through trying different types of workouts. She is super witty and will keep you highly entertained as she goes through the pros and cons of varying workouts. Some of the ones she does are CrossFit, Monkey Bar Gym and Jillian Michaels!! She also has a great website that you can check out! I highly recommend giving this book a read!

I was so inspired by her diligence that I busted out the following workout this morning:

20 Crossover toe touches

20 Plank Ups

20 Oblique Twists

20 toe rollercoasters

20 tricep bridges

20 elevated shoulder bridges

20 elevated rear foot lunges (I love this one!!)

20 plie squats

20 leg straight tricep dips


I was dripping sweat! All of that with absolutely NO gym equipment! Gotta loooove using your body weight.

Well, I am off to make us some Kale Salad w/ raspberry vinagrette for dinner! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Great Fitness Experiment

  1. Love it! Tim made me really mad in sixth grade when he read more than me and had more points at the end of year picnic/auction thing. Or maybe he had more points from math. Either way he beat me!

  2. Oh wow – this made my whole day!! Thank you so much for reading my book and liking it! Tell Tim thank you for me too:) And I love your workout! I’ll have to try that one out with the Gym Buddies, it looks right up our alley!

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