Bring it on ME!!

I have always been one for trying new things (as long as my feet stay in contact with the ground, that is). So when I found Dr’s Jade and Keoni Teta’s book called the Metabolic Effect, I was drawn to give it a read. I mean, who wouldn’t want this tummy?

So, I read it and was intrigued by the way the “diet” works. You find out your metabolic type (sugar burner, muscle burner or mixed burner) and there are certain “rules” for each type. For the Mixed Burner (that’s me!), you are allowed any veggies and meat you want. Limited dairy and nuts and 5-10 bites of starchy carbs per meal. They say that when your body breaks down carbs, you release insulin which inhibits the fat burning process.

The next component is the workouts (of course!). They suggest 30 minute circuit training sessions with weights and full body exercises only 3 times a week!! They also included 2-3 days of walking or intervals!! This is where they lost me. I was super skeptical that three times a week would do it. Until Monday…..

Monday was my follow up Bod Pod appointment!!! My first appointment went really well and I was exactly where I thought I should be. I was a little nervous on Monday simply because I wasn’t seeing the changes I thought I should be (even though I did lose a few inches). But, to my relief, I got decent results. My body fat is down to 20%, lean muscle up to 118 pounds and weight stayed the same (I blame it on the chinese food I had the night before the test!). My Bod Pod tester, Ben, said that I was working out too much and therefore consuming too many calories. Now, I have stopped counting calories because I can become a wee bit obsessive over them, so this worried me. But, then I remembered the book….

So now, I am embarking on a 4 week trial of the Metabolic Effect “diet” to see if this is true for me. For the next 4 weeks, I will be posting food logs, recipes, thoughts and new exercises to document my journey. If you want to join me, shoot me an email and we can keep each other accountable. To learn more about the ME Diet, check out their website.

So far this morning, I have enjoyed my coffee with almond milk and a Chobani plain yogurt sweetened with Truvia. Delightful! I am off for my facial soon (thanks Cindy!!!) so I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!




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