Workout DVDS

Working out at home can be a great way to sneak in exercise without having to go to the gym. I can still remember my mom doing her Jane Fonda workout tape in our living room as well as Sweatin to the Oldies with Richard Simmons- oh that hair!

Now, we have so many options for what workout we want, how long and the intensity. I love workout dvds for days that are a little too busy for the gym or when I feel like being a homebody.  Here are some of my faves and ones I want to try:

This one is my all time favorite. 3 20-minute workouts designed to reduce you to nothing more than a puddle of sweat on the floor. I remember struggling through these thinking I was going to DIE!!! This was the first workout where I saw my abs!! It is nice though because you progress through the  Levels 1-3, so you take your time. I still use it occasionally, but my body has pretty much adjusted to it.

When I want to torture myself, I do this 45 minute dvd. In it, Jillian uses 6 circuits of about 5 exercises each for two sets. It has no weights so it’s all you baby! This one is a little more advanced than the other one, so buyer beware. Try the 30 Day Shred first since this one has a lot of plyo (jump training) in it.

I honestly was/am not a big fan of P90x. I found Tony Horton to be arrogant and really annoying (sorry Tony!). The workouts are good, but too intense for first time exercisers, in my opinion. I did enjoy doing the Kenpo (kickboxing) dvd and the Ab Ripper X. Everything else was a little too much for me.

Some that I want to try are…..

I have heard that this is similar to a power yoga. Anything Jillian does I am a big fan of, so I am anxious to try this one. Yoga has never been a big part of my life, but stretching has.

Every time I go to Lululemon, I am drawn to this DVD. I am not ready to fork over the $25 for it yet, but someday soon I will!

Have you tried any of these?

What DVD’s do you like?


2 thoughts on “Workout DVDS

  1. I absolutely ADORE Jillian’s 30 Day Shred! I’ve reached Level 3 now and gosh she make me burn! 🙂 I also have her Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD, but I have yet to try it. Thank you for the warning of doing the 30 Day Shred first! 🙂

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