Nutrition Class at Cascade Athletic Club!

Hi friends! I am sooo excited to announce the arrival of  my first live nutrition class! This will be a four-week lecture series dealing with a wide range of topics related to weight loss and health. The first session (4 weeks) will look like this:
Week 1Healthy Eating Versus Fat Loss Eating- The truth about carbs and fats!
– Review how to read a label for fats, proteins, carbs and sugars
– Look at good the different kinds of fats
– Talk about sources for healthy fats
– Look at different carb sources (fruits grains, veggies, sugars)
– Talk about the healthy and not so healthy
– Nutrient timing for both groups
– Food pairing with carbs and fats

Week 2– Staying on Track- Food logging/blogging/journaling
– Why keep a food log
– benefits of logging
– Where to log? By hand, on phone or online
– Discuss online logging support communities
– How to…
– What to include in a log
– What to track (macronutrients)

Week 3Pure Protein- Eat for muscle strength!
– Review RDA’s for protein
– Discuss sources of protein (meat, soy, grains, legumes)
– Protein for vegans and vegetarians
– Look at various protein powders
– Pros and cons of supplementing protein
– When is it too much

Week 4Eat for Your Body Type- the great apple /pear debate!
– What body type are you? Ectomorph, Ednomorph, Mesomorph
– Where do body types hang onto fat
– Do you build muscle or burn it?
– Are you carb sensitive? How to tell
– Looking at family history
– Exercise preferences and weight loss
– How to use your body type to measure success

Each session we will cover new topics based on feedback received via this blog and from class. I am sooo excited to share my passion and get you excited about eating!!!

This is open to all Cascade Athletic Club members for $100/session (with a minimum of 4 people). If you miss a week, CD’s will be available! For non-Cascade members, the price is $130.

 -Classes are Thursday evenings at 7 -8 p.m. @ East Gresham with an open Q&A after each class. This session goes from August 4th-September 1st, skipping Thursday 8/11.

-There will also be classes held at Fisher’s Landing Saturdays from 11am-noon (right  after Group Centergy). This session goes from August 6th- September 3rd, skipping the 13th.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about your body, your food and your health!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

Can’t wait to see you there!

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