5 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout Portland Style

Do you ever get bored with your workout? Do you want to be outside instead of in the gym?

I sure do! Here are some ways you can get out in the sun and change up your workout routine and soak up some Vitamin D at the same time! Here are some ideas for things you can do here in Portland:

1) Do your run outside! Drive to Marine Drive and park on the road and run out and back. The breeze off the water will be amazing and what great scenery to look at! Don’t forget your sun screen!

2) Go for a bike ride on the Springwater Corridor or 205 Bike Path! You could even be adventurous and take your bike on the max downtown to the Waterfront! Don’t forget your water bottle!

3) Go for a shady hike in Forest Park! Take Thurman off of NW 23rd and park at the Leif Erikson trail head. Hike through the beautiful blooming canopy!

4) Do yoga on Powell Butte or Mt. Tabor! Both offer spectacular views of the city, lot’s of wildlife and lots of sun! Grab your mat and headphones and get ready to get your zen on.

5) Run stairs in Happy Valley! 152nd and Sunnyside hosts some of the best stairs in the city! Run until you can’t anymore and then head over to New Seasons for some yummy food or Peet’s for some iced tea!

Enjoy the fun and sun!



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