Grain Free Goodness

Hi Friends! Happy 4th of July!!! I started my morning off bright and early with a full fouor hours of training! It’s soo fun to see people sweatin it out before the bbq mania that is sure to follow :0) Nicely done!

I snuck home and made a picnic lunch for Tim and I on our little patio. I love picnics!! Our spread currently includes fresh strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, kale salad and a lettuce wrap for me with a sandwich for Tim (and possibly some cheezits for him too :0) I made some fresh brewed iced tea and am rockin out to DMB waiting for him to get home. Now if only I could stop snacking before he gets here….

I’m sure some of you remember my post a week ago on the Blood Type Diet. Since I read that, I have decided to go Grain Free. Yikes!  What does that mean, you may be musing. I mused too and decided to steer clear breads, pastas, grains (ie: kasha, bulgur, barley and yes, quinoa). And honestly, it has been one of the easiest most natural transitions for me!! I am not craving any sweets or carbs! I have more energy, I need less sleep, my tummy is flatter (hurray!), my headaches are gone, my tummy aches are no more and I don’t have any gas.

I thought it would be the hardest thing ever, but my body knows what it needs and wants! So, the question I am getting the most is: What on earth do you eat????

Here are some of my favorite snacks:

– Kale Salad (check out

– Veggies (seriously!!!)

– Black beans

– Lot’s of meat!! (ie: turkey, turkey bacon, low sodium natural deli meat, some beef, chicken and fish)

– Hummus

– Egg whites (although tonight Clean Deviled Eggs are on the menu!)

– and lots of nuts and nut butters (pretty sure I took down half a small jar of almond butter yesterday- woops!)

– I am baking with almond flour that I make here at home.

– Some fruit (limiting it to berries and apples though- except the occasional banana)

I feel sooo good guys, I can’t even tell you! Now, this won’t work for everyone and unless you have an extreme personality like moi, you may want to simply try limiting your carb/grain intake for awesome results. I have always found going cold turkey works for me, but I am me, not you.

This does not mean that I am not going to stop posting recipes with grains in them, it just means that you might see a bigger swing toward more grain free recipes (Tim is still pro grain, lol). If you have ideas or suggestions for recipes with or without grains, feel free to let me know!

Some grain free recipes I have been digging this week include:

Oh My Bars(Still tweaking the recipe, but it’ll get there)

Blueberry Banana Bars(I just made a Raspberry version too!!)

Most Increedible Broccoli Leek Salad (Tim ate most of this one)

Kale Salad (BIG hit @ bbqs)

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes from Elanaspantry

Lettuce Wraps- Take big romaine leaves and fill them with meat, hummus, feta cheese, beans- soooo yummy!!! I do these at night especially because I don’t want a heavy dish before bed.

So, all that to say, keep the recipe requests and fitness questions coming! I love hearing from you guys!!

Keepin’ it Clean,


4 thoughts on “Grain Free Goodness

  1. Woo hoo! Grain free is good 🙂 I have a hard time STAYING grain free….it’s a work in progress. Remember, there is a LOT to be said about bio-individuality!

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