Core Galore!

Hi friends! My name is Kim and I blog over at Train Your Body- Change Your Life! I am so excited to share the spotlight with my friend Selena and share some of my workout moves with you!

I have been a personal trainer for just over two years now and there is one things that consistently amazes and challenges me- body weight exercises! Using your own body weight can challenge your body in ways it’s never been challenged before. It’s one thing to sit in a machine and do a chest press but quite another to do toe push ups!

So today, I wanted to share with you a couple of my most favorite body weight exercises! Grab your mat and let’s get started!

*Single Leg Plank Hold

The Move: Get into a nice, low plank position on your forearms. Keeping your back straight, lift one leg and hold for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, switch legs and hold for another 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can hold your plank with good form.

*Plank Ups (Thank you Jillian Michaels, 30 Day Shred….)

The Move: Start in a plank on your hands.

Next, move one hand down at a time into a plank on your forearms.

From the forearm plank, push yourself up one hand at a time back into the hand plank. This one’s a toughie! Do as many times as you can (if you’re super buff, stop at 25).

*The Leg Climb (Thank you Tony Horton, Ab Ripper X….)

The Move:

Start on your back with your knees bent. Straighten your right leg as much as possible. Use your hands to “climb” your leg and touch your toe.

Perform about 12 reps before switching to the other leg.

Be sure to lower your shoulder blades back down to the floor in between each one, for full ab ripping effect :0)

*Toe Rollercoasters (Thank you Brian Cassidy, ADAPT Training….)

The Move: Start in Downward Dog, with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Take a deep breath and dive your nose toward the ground and forward to your hands.

As soon as your push your nose and chest through your hands, push upward, allowing your low back to sway toward the ground.

Finally, lower hips to the ground as you go into a cobra position and look up, extending the spine.

If this variation is too tough, try starting in a child’s pose position and doing the same thing from there.

That’s just a few of my faves- keep checking back for more! I’m headed to the kitchen to whip up some Almond Vegan Protein Power Bars….I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Happy Core Crunching!


PS. Check out my handstand!! (Ok, so my legs are touching, but I am getting better!)

Thanks for playing with me today!


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