Exercise of the Week

Batwings. Arm flab. Jiggly. Baggy. Flappers. What do all these have in common?? They are what my clients call their triceps, or the back of their arms.

 You know, the little area that wiggles while you brush your teeth, that swings when you wave or that makes you embarrassed to bare your arms in the warmer weather. How do you get rid of such a problem area?? Well, I am so glad you asked!!

First, let’s revisit the fact that you simply cannot spot reduce fat. You can’t ShakeWeight your way to slimmer arms. It doesn’t work that way. Fat is lost systematically throughout the body via 1) a plant-based diet, 2) fat burning cardio (try intervals on for size!) and 3) with resistance training.

Here is the one exercise I always turn to when I feel a little jiggly back there.

The Triceps Pulldown

What you need: a Pulley machine with a double head attachment

Muscles Used: Triceps

The Move: Standing in front of the pulley, select an appropriate weight that should be challenging, yet doable with 10-12 reps (start with 30 and work your way up). Standing with your feet under your hips (I am staggered in this pic, a little harder for balance), grab onto attachment. Pull it down so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle. This is your starting point. From here, pull the two ends of the attachment away from each other toward the outside of your hips. Try and flex your triceps as you pull. Hold for a second and return to the 90 degree position. Repeat 10-12 reps, 2-3 sets.

Note: there are many triceps exercises that you can do! Try dips, triceps push ups (ouch!), dumbbell triceps kickbacks/extensions, overhead triceps extensions and a triceps active bridge!

Happy Pulldowns!


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