Snacking Ideas

Healthy Snacks

Snacking gets a bad wrap. We’ve been taught not to snack in between meals when that is the exact opposite of what we should do. I remember so many times growing up saying that I was hungry and my mom would tell me to wait
until dinner. This caused me to over eat at dinner because I was starving. Little did she know, she was setting up a negative pattern for eating that really impacted me until just a few years ago. I still struggle not to overeat at dinner. Some habits die hard.

A lot of times, my clients ask what some healthy snacks are. There are sooo many options out there!! Especially now that berry season is here (yahoo!), the possibilities are endless!! So, I have broken down the following snacks into Best, Good and Treats.


– Apple and 1-2 T nut butter.

The pectin in the apple helps satiate and the nut butter helps you feel fuller longer. I do this one once a day.

-Cucumbers and 1/2 T hummus.

Cucumbers are very cleansing, natural diuretics, so eat up! Hummus can contain some good protein, but it is a starch, so keep it to 1 or 2 T.

– 10-15 Almonds and 1-2 Apricots.

Apricots are a wonderful fruit that is low on the Glycemic Load and packed with yumminess. You can also sub the almonds for walnuts halves, 5-7 Brazil Nuts or 3 T. pumpkin seeds.


-Laughing Cow Cheese and Ak-Mak Crackers.

I loooove cheese, but my gut disagrees. If you are not sensitive to dairy, these little wedges can be great! Ak Mak crackers are low cal and high flavor.

– Lara Bars.

These little guys usually have 2-5 ingredients and no added sugar! They are calorie dense which puts them in this category.


– Banana, 1 t honey and 1 T nut butter.

YUMMY!!! I indulged in this one today :0) Suuuper yummy but high in sugar, so only have occasionally.

– Luna Bars.

These guys are tasty, but loaded with extra carbs and sugar. Save them for hiking, biking or generally more active times.

-Trail Mix.

This should be used in one place only- on the trail! Tread lightly as most trail mixes pack around 150 calories for 1/4 cup!!!

Happy Snacking!



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