5 Tips for Successful Snacking!


Did you know that smart snacking in between meals can actually help you lose weight??? That’s right! Eating more during the day will aid in the following:

Keeping your blood sugar stable, which provides relief from cravings

Keep your metabolism burning fat all day long (woo hoo!)

Help keep you from overeating at main meals

Stop you from binge snacking at night

Help you make smart selections for meals, not just whatever’s fastest

Some of my clients consistently struggle with what to snack on. Here are some ideas for what/how/when for successful snacking!

1) Stock your kitchen with good snacks. These can include fruit, veggies, nut butters, Ak-Mak crackers (de-lish!), Laughing Cow cheese wedges, hummus, Lara Bars, KIND Bars, unsalted/unroasted nuts, protein powders for shakes- stay away from the more highly processed things like crackers, chips, candy, overly processed protein bars, sugary granola bars, sugary drinks and the like.

2) Pre-chop your veggies!! As soon as I buy veggies for snacks, I put them into single serving containers (ie: edamame, snap peas,carrots, celery) and I chop up the rest (ie: peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini). This helps you have fresh, preportioned veggies quick with no additional prep time! Keep them in a small cooler or insulated lunch bag in your car or with you at work.

3) Keep nuts in your car. I don’t recommend keeping bars in the car because those are just too easy to eat when you’re not hungry. But, if you have a long commute or are stuck in traffic, have some nuts pre-portioned out so that you have something satisfying and filling to snack on. Use in moderation though…

4) Making a list, and checking it twice. We have a list of all of the foods we buy on the side of the fridge. As soon as one of us uses the last item, we put a check mark next to it on the list. This way, I know when we are out of the essentials and I can run by the store, grabbing only those items. That way, we are never without our healthy snacks!

5) Write it down! Keeping a food log will help you see which snacks are more filling to you and help keep you energized and stabilized until your next meal. How many times have you had a snack and then wondered if you had even eaten?? Keeping track of the way food affects your body/mood will be a tremendous resource in helping you snack well and feel awesome!

Happy Snacking!


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