Lose Up To 5 Pounds This Week!

Sometimes we do things that inhibit our weight loss goals without even thinking about it! Here are some tips to help you lose up to five pounds this week!!

– Fidget!! Sitting still slows your heart rate. Move around. Clean while watching tv, park in the back of a parking lot , do pushups during commercials- anything to keep you from sitting still.

 -Start a Food Log! Awareness is the first step toward making changes. Keep a notebook or track online everything you eat. This is helpful so you can visually see what times are tricky for you or what foods cause you to stumble. Try Livestrong.com, Fatsecret.com or sparkpeople.com. 

-Limit carbs after 3 pm. Your body burn fat in the evening for fuel. However, if you are having mainly carbohydrates in the evening, your body will burn those first, meaning it doesn’t even get to your stored fat. Not only will you sleep better, but your tummy will be flatter when you wake up!!

-Drink water!! My clients know this by heart- half your body weight in ounces (ie: 140 pound person drinks 70 oz of water/day). This ensures that your kidneys are functioning, you’re hydrated flushing toxins, including excess sodium which can cause bloating. Invest in a nice waterbottle (BPA free) and figure out  how many of your bottles you need to drink per day.

-Fill up on Fiber!! It’s tempting to grab a bar or some processed junk for a snack. Instead, plan ahead and pack fruit and veggies in a little cooler or insulated lunch bag and snack on those instead. The fiber in fruits and veggies helps speed up digestive processes and keeps things flowin :0) It also helps you feel fuller longer!

-Sleep. This one is hard, I know, but oh so important. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night can not only change your body, but your whole life!! Shoot for going to bed just 15-20 minutes earlier. Shut off your tv, computer and iPod at least an hour before bed time. If you struggle falling asleep, try all natural Melatonin. It’s great at helping ease you into a restful sleep.

– Last, but not least, stress. Stress is probably the number one killer in America. It wreaks havoc on our immune system, our hormone production, our metabolism, digestive systems, blood pressure and so much more! It also stimulates the production of Cortisol, which if secreted in large amounts is stored in two places- the Gut and the Butt. It can inhibit your goals because even if your are busting your butt in the gym, but you’re still stressed, that tummy aint going anywhere! Find creative ways to manage your stress. Try journaling, arts and crafts, speaking with a counselor, finding a support group- do what it takes to get the stress from inside the body to the outside where it is much more manageable.

Try incorporating one of these a week or tackle a bunch at once and see what happens! These ae guaranteed ways to help you not only lose weight, but really feel great about yourself inside and out!

Happy Fidgeting!



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