Self-Myofascial Release (AKA, Foam Rolling)

I have been running for about 5 years now. Not marathon distances (in fact, anything more tha 5 miles and I really have to watch it) but enough to cause discomfort in my knee. It would swell and I would get horrible shin splints and foot injuries. I felt like a wuss.

When I became a trainer, I learned about a form of deep tissue massage called Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). This tool employs the use of a foam roll to break up adhesions (scar tissue) in the affected and surrounding areas. So, I started to roll and I noticed a HUGE difference!!

I even got some of the members of my Hood to Coast team to give it a shot- Big Hit!

Using a foam roller after a run or intense weight workout can make a big difference, especially when rolling your quads and calves.

To get more tips on how and what to roll, click here and check out this website!

Happy Rolling!



2 thoughts on “Self-Myofascial Release (AKA, Foam Rolling)

  1. I am training for my first marathon (next month!) I love my foam roller! I have no massage or chiropractic benefits on my insurance plan (unlike my husband…lucky guy) so I bought a roller and it turned out to be my best $25 investment in 201! No joke!

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