Dog Mountain Mania

I love Dog Mountain. It is probably one of my favorite hikes in the Gorge. The first time I tried it, I nearly died!! My friend Anji and I decided to take the mysterious More Difficult route to the top. We were not disappointed! Views that would take your breath away! Mountain sides covered in wild flowers of all colors and kinds. It instantly became top of my list!

My friend Heather and I went up last month and were greeted with wind, rain and freezing temperatures. We had to run down the backside of the mountain to regain warmth!!

Anyways, I went up yesterday to see how my endurance was doing. I started out nice and strong at a grueling pace (90% of my max heart rate!!) but as soon as I hit the tree line, I got pelted by ice and snow!! The trees were hurling down their icy branches coating the trail in a slippery icy coating. Once I got out of the trees, I was met with an icy blast of wind (which I didn’t hear since I was rocking out to my iPod) so cold that I had to use my extra sweater as a head scarf!! It was probably the most treacherous time I have been up there. It took me 1:03 to summit and promptly turn around.

After that I did a nice cool down stroll up Beacon Rock to soak in some sun. It was great!

Some things to know when doing Dog:

-There is a $5 parking fee (unless you have an annual pass)

– If you take 84E, you will need $1 each way to cross Bridge of the Gods

– The only coffee shack is in Stevenson and they take cash only (found this out the hard way!!)

– Take a jacket, even if it is sunny. The summit has it’s own weather!!

– When you’re @ the top, look directly across at the tallest mountain with the power poles- That’s Mt Defiance!!

– Take more water and snacks then you think you will need (it’s a good practice anyways). Some of my faves are Earnest Eats, Promax (reduced sugar, they use Stevia!!), Cliff and Lara Bars.

Have a great time!!!


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