Hiking Gear Review

Well, today I was back in the Gorge after nearly six weeks of rain and miserably cold weather which made hiking unbearable. Today was sunny, clear and a lovely 63 degrees. My friend Heather and I tackled Starvation Creek Trail which is on the same side as Mt. Defiance. We made it about 2.5 hours up until we were stopped by thigh high snow. It was soo great to be back out there though! In the spirit of Spring’s arrival, I thought I might throw out my two sence as far as what hiking gear I prefer. Here we go!

Mountain Hardwear Pack- I found this little gem brand new @ Plato’s Closet of all places! It is amazing! The back has a great patterned foamy backs support with buckle straps at the waist and chest level. The lightweight material makes it great for all-weather types. It has two side mesh pockets as well as a zip pouch at the top with an ear bud access hole. It has a key clip inside with tons of storage space!! I was able to fit my Camelbak bladder, flashlight, first aid kit, food and camera with room to spare! I like the bright color, especially when I use it for cycling. Nicely done, Mountain Hard Wear!!

Next up, my Goretex Merrells. These are the best hiking shoes I have tried! The first pair I returned because the sole was a little more flexible than I wanted. These are incredible! They are practically waterproof (although, PI did spray them with waterproofing spray too) and keep your feet nice and toasty in the snow. I love the thick laces that stay tied tight the whole way. They are lacking in ankle support, but still comfortable and provide enough arch to help those with pronation/suppination. Very light weight, these little babies will keep your tootsies safe and comfortable, at least until you head downhill. A more narrow toe box lends itself to smashing toes, but this is true with most of the shoes I have tried. Definitely not a deal breaker for me on these ones.

Lastly, my Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) 1/2 zip up top. This thing is amazing!!! I found it on sale @ Dick’s Sporting Goods and it is probably my number one favorite piece of hiking gear! The sleeves are just the right length with a right arm zipper pocket. The neck has a 1/2 zip that comes up right below the chin. It is decently thick but great at wicking away moisture. The best part- it’s water proof!! I have worn it in pouring down rain and stayed completely dry!!! This one is a keeper for sure!

Well, that is all my product reviews for now. Look for upcoming reviews on Bars (Kind, Promax, Lara, Luna and more!!)

Happy Hiking!


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