These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

I have passion.


I either love something or hate it. I am rarely undecided about anything and I know what I love! Here are a few of my favorite things:

Ezekial Bread with Maranatha almond butter, 1/2 a banana and sprinkeled with stevia and cinnamon!!!

Plato’s Closet!! I love finding great deals for super cheap!

I ADORE KIND Bars! They are sooo yummy! I covet the blueberry vanilla, dark chocolate cherry and apple cinnamon….delightful on hikes, bikes or anytime!

My pocket Bible. It fits in my bag and I can read it anywhere!

The produce aisle. I could soend hours drooling over all the fruit and veggies…Truly!

The Columbia River Gorge, my home away from home. In this amazing valley there are hundreds of trails, life changing views, challenges galore- Oh, and Bonneville Hot Springs and Skamania!  Also home to the majestic Multnomah Falls.

I loooove Clean Eating Magazine! They come up with such incredibly delightful meals, snacks and desserts- you can find drool spots on most of my mags. Seriously worth subscribing to!

Lululemon. Although it costs a bit more than other stores, I love the quality and integrity that comes with each garment. Their manifesto is inspiring and their style in fantastic!

Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I worked there for a transitionary year and it was a great experience. It taught me a lot about savoring, quality and flavor. My fave- Soy Americano. Perfecto!

I am so blessed to have the most incredible group of friends (some who aren’t in this photo). Friends who I can trust, count on and talk to. You know who you are!

My Polar heart rate monitor. This little guy has helped me step up my game cardiovascularly and gotten me past my maximum heart a number of times. I always keep it on!!

      And my number one favorite would have to be my incredibly wonderful, talented, caring, supportive, understanding, loyal, trustworthy, bike riding, dance party shaker husband, Tim. He has been the best thing to happen to me and I am so thankful to God for every day I get to spend with this man!!!

Anyways, these are just a few of my favorite things. What about you? What are some of your favorites? Are you savoring life or simply passing through. Email me some of your favorite things –

Happy Savoring!


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About Trainer Kim

I love my God, husband, friends, family and sometimes my cat. My passion is challenge and my goal is to constantly exceed my expectations. I love to hike, bike, swim, run, jump and do Crossfit. I am usually in the kitchen baking or cooking something healthy and (hopefully) delicious! I love fitness and nutrition and strive to help people change their lives by training their bodies!

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