The Best Trail Mix Ever!

I looove trail mix. It’s one of those items that once I pay for it, I am eating it. The sweet and salty mix tickles my taste buds and makes me want to scale a mountain just so I can guiltlessly chow down.

Previously, I have raved about New Season’s Women’s Vitality Mix- but this tops it!! It’s lower in calories, has more fiber and antioxidants than any other…ready….set….here it is!!!

Dried Goji Berries + raw cashews+ unsweetened cocoa nibs= pure bliss!




Amazing!! I reccomend making your own with cashews and goji berries bought in bulk. Cocoa nibs are spendy, but totaly worth it!! In a pinch, I suggest perhaps some unsweetend carob chips…

Happy Trail Mix Snacking!


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I love my God, husband, friends, family and sometimes my cat. My passion is challenge and my goal is to constantly exceed my expectations. I love to hike, bike, swim, run, jump and do Crossfit. I am usually in the kitchen baking or cooking something healthy and (hopefully) delicious! I love fitness and nutrition and strive to help people change their lives by training their bodies!

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