Healthy Foods To You

Do you hate grocery shopping?? Do you go over your budget every time you pass the impulse aisle? Do you give in to sales on things you don’t need? Let me help you save money, learn efficient grocery shopping tools, tricks to avoid over-spending and more!


Healthy Foods to You works like this:

You create a shopping list of all the foods you need based on either a week or 2 weeks worth of food.

We go over the list together to slowly substitute healthier, more cost-effective choices.

From there you have two options: 1) You come with me to learn shopping tips, how to navigate the store, avoid trouble areas and make the most of your checkout experience or, 2) I do it all for you and deliver the groceries to your door.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please contact me directly at (503) 964-3824 or send an email to


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