Buzz Word of the Week- Metabolism

Buzz Word of the Week:

Hiking is a great way to boost metabolism

Buzz Word of the Week:

Metabolism- "the sum of physical and chemical processes in the body by which
material substance is produced , maintained, destroyed and by which energy is made
available. What??! More simply put, metabolism is
everything going on in your body added up. Metabolism is how many calories your body
burns to do what it does everyday." (The Female Body
Breakthrough, pg. 44)

we hear this word tosses around a lot but it's true function can sometimes remain a
mystery. Well, allow me to enlighten you a bit. 

Metabolism and Food- Food has a thermic effect based on it's nutrient density. This
density is either easily digested, broken down, used and stored or not. You can look
up the thermic index for any food using Google Search. The more whole, organic and
fibrous a food, the lower its thermic effect, which is good because the body uses
it, stores the good stuff (ie: not fat or sugar) and passes it on. The higher your
metabolic rate (the rate at which your body uses food as fuel), the more calories
you burn. Eating small mini meals helps keep your metabolism going by using a
constant stream of healthy foods (right??) to keep your energy and thermic effect
up. Big meals clog the system and are harder to breakdown and cause unwanted
dramatic drops in energy. 

Metabolism and Weights- Lifting weights (appropriate to your fitness level, of
course) is also a great way to amp up your metabolism. Using external resistance
with minimal rest is a great way to build lean muscle which helps diminish fat and
increase muscle strength. A pound of muscle can burn up to 100 calories extra, as
opposed to a pound of fat which does nothing to benefit your body other than
insulate you. 

Metabolism and Resting- Everyone has a basal metabolic rate, which is the number of
calories your body burns if you were to simply sit on the couch all day. For most
people, this is at least 1,200 calories per day. Exercising and weight lifting aim
to increase this number in order to burn fat to increase muscle. That doesn't mean
you should sit on the couch all day happy as a clam because your body is still
burning calories. Instead, jump off the couch and give it a hand!

Hopefully this little tutorial on metabolism gives you a basic
understanding of this buzz word. If you would like more information on your basal
metabolic rate (bmr) or to find out how many calories you're burning each day, feel
free to leave a comment or send me an email at

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